Broken Glass Replacement Budapesten

Glass on-site undertaking areas

United Jars! Building glazing and glass technology!

Replacement, installation, construction of all types of all types of glass, combined glass. Downtown Glassers! Window glass - to the giant shop window, tread glass, laminated glass, climate circle cutting, hole cutting, custom polished, etched glass. Execution of thermal glasses and mirrors. Window glass, door glass, door glass, balcony glass, canopy glass, shop glass, thermo glass, tempered glass, table tops. Everything that belongs to glass - and glassy. In the whole area of Budapest!, or our phone number 06 / 30-444-64-85 is at your disposal 24 hours a day, even on weekends!
To all districts of Budapest!

District 1 glassy - Castle glassy
District 2 glassy - Hűvösvölgy glassy, Rózsadomb glassy
District 3 glassy - Óbuda glassy, Békásmegyer glassy
District 4 glassy - Újpest glassy
District 5 is glassy - Inner city is glassy
District 6 is glassy - Terézváros is glassy
7th district glassy - Erzsébetváros glassy
District 8 glassy - Józsefváros glassy
9th district glassy - József Attila housing estate
District 10 glassy - Kőbánya glassy
District 11 glassy - Újbuda glassy
District 12 glassy - Németvölgy glassy, Hegyvidék glassy
District 13 glassy - Újlipótváros glassy, Angyalföld glassy, Vizafogói glassy
14th district glassy - Zugló glassy
15th district glassy - Rákospalota glassy
16th district glassy - Árpádföld glassy
17th district glassy - Cross tour glassy
District 18 glassy - Pestszentlőrinc glassy
19th district glassy - Kispest glassy
20th district glassy - Elizabeth glassy
21st district glassy - Csepel glassy
22nd district glassy - Budafok glassy
District 23 glassy - Tétényi glassy


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